Dress Code

The Board of Directors of North Shore Country Club has developed and refined a Dress Code, which all members and their guests are expected to adhere to when utilizing the facilities of the Club. The Board has directed that the Management team be empowered to enforce this code, and thereby deny privileges to members, their children and their guest who are not in conformity with these standards. The Club Management shall have sole discretion and authority in matters of appropriateness of attire.

Clothes deemed inappropriate at all times at North Shore: short shorts, sweats (shirts/pants), athletic or jogging shorts, spandex biking shorts and tops, cut-offs, halter tops, fish net or tank tops and T-shirts.


The Board has voted to relax our dress code in the Clubhouse. Instead of stipulating days and times when denim is acceptable, we are going to trust our members and their guests to use good judgment. Country Club appropriate denim is defined as properly sized, in excellent condition, and consistent in color. Country Club appropriate denim does not include holes or rips, frayed material, denim shorts, work type denim shirts, bibs, painter pants, or jeans that are worn extremely low cut. Tasteful and appropriate shirts and shoes must be worn. Shirts should be tucked in unless tailored for outside wear.

Members are encouraged to consider common sense, respect for tradition, modesty, and the comfort of fellow members and their guests when making casual-attire decisions. We prefer our members dress-up rather than dress-down when visiting the Club. While we expect that members will use good taste and judgment, the Board has directed Club Management to discreetly review any inappropriate casual attire decisions directly with the member to ensure that the Club maintains a casual environment that is enjoyable for everyone.

Please understand that the dress codes for the Golf Course, Tennis Courts, and Pool have not changed. At no time will denim be allowed in any of those areas.
Clothing deemed inappropriate at all times at North Shore Golf Course, Tennis Courts, and Pool: Short shorts, sweats(shirts/pants), athletic or jogging shorts, spandex biking shorts and tops, cut-offs, halter tops, fish net or tank tops and t-shirts.

Golf Course and Tennis Courts

Appropriate attire is defined as golf slacks or mid-thigh length shorts and collared golf shirts for men; golf slacks, skirts or mid-thigh length shorts and golf shirts or blouses for women.  Work out clothing or yoga pants are only allowed if they are worn under a skirt or shorts.  Junior golfers are bound to the same code as their parents.
Tennis shorts and swimming trunks are NOT permitted on the golf course, driving range, or putting green at any time.
Tennis attire and proper shoes are required for juniors and adults to use the tennis courts. Proper tennis clothes are dry-fit shirts, or collared shirts for men and tennis clothes for women. T-shirts are not permitted.